Pro Down Step-Over Dummies 8″ High


Tough, durable, sturdy – These are just a few adjectives satisfied athletes and coaches use to describe the Pro Down Step-Over Dummies. As athletes will tell you, footwork is an essential skill in all sports. That’s what makes the Step-Over Dummy an ideal addition to your equipment. It’s a great tool to increase agility and strengthen calf muscles and quadriceps. Coaches use it to help athletes develop skills for multiple sports including: football, basketball, soccer, mixed martial arts and boxing. Footwork drills using the Pro Down Step-Over Dummy can increase speed and improve efficiency for players regardless of their position.

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Multi Sport
Regardless of skill level or position. Athletes can improve agility, strengthen muscles, and increase speed and efficiency when practicing with the Pro Down Step-Over Dummies.

Reinforced handles on both ends to help move easily. Double-reinforced 18oz. vinyl shell. Durable Foam interior. Black Only

Great Value
Reinforced handles on the back of pad. Double-reinforced 18oz. vinyl shell. Durable Foam interior. Black Only

Two Options
Available in 8″ and 12″ heights. Trapezoid design for safety.

* 17″ B X 8″H X51″L – 10lbs

* 17″ B X 12″H X51″L – 20lbs

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17" B X 8"H X51"L – 10lbs, 17" B X 12"H X51"L – 20lbs


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