This isn’t just about getting the kids in the neighborhood up and moving. Instead, this is about creating a place where they can play and bond together. Sport Court South Florida is your local expert in building backyard basketball courts. Call us today to start designing your court.

Play like a pro on our backyard basketball courts

You will never find a surface that delivers the same kind of shock absorption, ball response, traction and playability as a Sport Court. If it’s good enough for an NCAA volleyball court, a USTA tennis court or a FIBA basketball court, it’s good enough for your family. 

  • Made with independently tested, high-quality materials
  • Built around your family and your budget
  • Maximum versatility on a multi-sport court surface

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Customize Your Sport Court

You deserve a Sport Court backyard basketball court that fits your family’s needs. Our variety of customizable features will make your Sport Court or gym unlike any other. Our customizable features include:

  • Outdoor and indoor athletic flooring options.
  • Sports components: basketball hoops, net systems for multiple sports, volleyball and tennis nets, rally walls, and rebounders. 
  • Lighting: light poles with LED options.
  • Ball containment: indoor wall padding, chain link and soft nylon fencing. 
  • Court complements: Batting cages, golf nets, putting greens, turf, and trampolines.

Sport Court Benefits

  • Custom Engineered Design That Outplays Any Outdoor Basketball Courts In The Game
  • Specialty Grid Design Reduces Water Retenion On Top Of The Surface And Superior UV Resistant Formula
  • Custom Basketball Courts Provide The Best Balance Between Dry Traction and Low Skin Abrasion
  • Triple-Action Locking System Keeps The Surface Secure During Games
  • PowerGame+ Delivers The Same Dribbling Response As a Hardwood Floor
  • Double-Length Shock Absorbsion Understructure Provides Lateral Forgiveness That Lessens Impact and Risk of Injury