Basketball hoops

Sport Court specializes in offering professional and collegiate style basketball hoops. Our hoops can be either adjustable or fixed. Sport Court basketball hoops were designed with safety and performance in mind.  Our tempered glass backboards provide a rebound exactly like the pros! And, our Slam Systems also feature pole and backboard pads to help keep your family safe on the court.

Sport Court also specializes in custom lighting options for your court. We can install single or double headed light poles around your court to allow your family to enjoy the court at night or during the day.

Multi-Purpose Net Systems

Raise or lower nets without missing a serve. The easy to use pulley and crank systems allows you to pivot from tennis to volleyball in a matter of minutes. It’s one of our most innovative sport court products.

Designed with a range of sports in mind, the intuitive construction of these nets accommodates all your sports needs. Position the net at full height to enjoy badminton and indoor volleyball or lower the net for tennis and pickle ball.

Our net systems complement our court resurfacing and building services perfectly.

Ball Containment & Rebounders

Sport Court Ball Containment fencing keeps the fun on the court. Our ball containment options can be customized to any size court.  It features soft nylon fencing that will protect your court for many years. You will never have to chase down a ball ever again.These tools are perfect for solo practice, allowing players to train independently and master ball control. They minimize ball retrieval time, maximize training efficiency, and are suitable for various sports like basketball, soccer, and tennis. With their durable construction, versatility, and portability, sport court rebounders and ball containment systems are indispensable for athletes of all levels, helping them elevate their skills and performance.