Our extremely durable, pet friendly, South Florida pet turf line for dogs, is the most attractive way to maintain a pleasant, safe, odor-free environment for you and your pets. Forget about dirt in your home and holes in your yard. Our pet turf line is a high-quality synthetic lawn system created with your pet in mind. It is specifically designed and engineered for pet use with a specially treated polyethylene to help prevent stains or discoloration. Also, your dog cannot dig or chew through the turf. And, our anti-microbial infill is non-toxic to your pets and allows urine to drain through. With our signature pet line, both you and your pet can now have a beautiful lawn.


  • Easy to Clean. One main benefit of artificial turf for dogs is that it’s easy to clean.
  • Pest Free. With ordinary lawns, grass becomes a ripe breeding ground for all sorts of bugs, ticks, ants, fleas, and other pests.
  • No Holes or Spots.
  • Pets Can’t Tell the Difference.


Artificial grass for pets is much more resilient than traditional lawns as it can withstand any wear and tear inflicted by the dog’s claws, paws, or nails. Since the pet cannot dig through artificial turf, many professional dog boarders and pet owners choose using artificial grass for dogs over traditional grass. Synthetic turf offers numerous benefits for your furry friends: soft and safe surface for playtime, easy maintenance with no need for watering or mowing, excellent drainage to prevent odors, and a durable, pet-friendly solution that withstands digging and scratching. Additionally, artificial turf is non-toxic, eliminating the risk of your pets ingesting harmful chemicals. It also provides a hypoallergenic environment, reducing the chances of allergies and irritations.Give your pets the ultimate outdoor experience with lush, turf.