SPORT Facilities

For over four decades, Sport Court South Florida has been installing sports flooring for facilities. We specialize in low costs, unparalleled safety features and easy maintenance. Even the most demanding coaches, athletes, builders, architects and facility owners are satisfied with our high quality products. Allow us to take care of the details so you can work on your game. 


Our indoor basketball courts are made for more than hosting a game. It’s a place for the entire community to come together. 

This excellent alternative to a traditional hardwood floor won’t leave you with an empty wallet because you don’t have to spend money re-surfacing every year. You still receive the same traction, shock absorption and look of a suspended hardwood floor.

Bring out the championship potential of every athlete who plays on your professional-grade court.


You put love and care into your community, and we bring the same to your court. We may love the game just as much, if not more than you do. We can turn your unused field or concrete court into the showpiece of your community. Build a place where players of all ages can spend time together. 

We want every athlete to reach their maximum potential. Our outdoor sports surfaces, known as the Safest Courts in the World, deliver something acrylic courts can’t. 

Upgrade Your Sport Facilities

Get the best sport court built for your facility. By only using the finest products in combination with our extensive knowledge and range of customizable features help to provide the total experience.

  • Our local team will continue to be here for years to come.
  • Quick install. Floating installation can happen in as little as five days with no smelly glues or adhesives.
  • Safety. Variable shock absorption, low skin abrasion, and patented Lateral Forgiveness™ help to reduce joint stress and fatigue and make weight room flooring last a lot longer.
  • Solution oriented. You choose the level of shock absorption needed to keep your athletes safe.
  • Low maintenance. Dry mop and occasional auto-scrubbing is all you need.
  • 15-year warranty. Best in the industry.
  • Low life-cycle cost. No need to resurface for 15+ years, which means your court saves you money over time.
  • Multi-sport use. Allows you to have versatility in athletic programs.
  • Repair your facility gym floors.
  • Sport Court for Facilities. Perfect for Facility Gym Floors and Weight Room Flooring.

Sport Court South Florida has built gym floors and outdoor courts for many facilities throughout Florida

  • Public and private schools
  • Church and family life centers
  • Community centers
  • Pay-for-play sports centers
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Camp facilities
  • Events and tournament sites
  • Sports clubs

"We are very pleased with our Sport Court surfaces at the Boys and Girls Club. At all five of our gyms we have the Sport Court product, which has proven to be strong, durable and affordable. We are especially pleased with the new Maple Select floor. It has the look and play of a real parquet wood floor."

Jerry Glidewell

Executive Director Boys and Girls Clubs

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