Our turf play line is amongst the safest and most durable synthetic lawn surfaces available. Sport Court South Florida artificial grass is a state of the art synthetic surface which is ideal for playground areas. With children’s safety and product durability as our main goals, we install synthetic turf with the proper padding to cover your fall height requirements that is both soft and forgiving. The play line can handle the stress of heavy duty all weather use and help your child from impact injuries. And, with our anti-microbial infill, the artificial grass is a better solution than sod, wood chips, and sand. Call us today to transform your playground into a safer and cleaner environment.


  • Soft, Compliant Surface Under Play Equipment.
  • Fewer Scraped Knees.
  • Accessibility for All People.
  • Cleaner Play Environment.
  • Reduced Maintenance Work.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost.
  • Material Durability.
  • Resistance to Weather Elements.


Playground turf provides a softer, safer surface than natural materials such as sand, grass, soil, gravel and mulch. It also absorbs impact better than any of them. When children fall on artificial grass, they are less likely to suffer from abrasions and other injuries. Enhance the playground experience with the countless advantages of turf surfacing. Synthetic turf creates a safe and inviting environment for children to play, ensuring soft landings and reducing the risk of injuries. Its cushioned surface absorbs impact and provides excellent traction, minimizing slips and falls. Say goodbye to muddy areas and patchy grass, as artificial turf offers year-round beauty and durability. It requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for constant watering and mowing. With its superior drainage capabilities, turf stays dry even after heavy rain, allowing kids to enjoy the space immediately. Transform your playground into a vibrant and worry-free haven with the installation of premium synthetic turf.