PowerGame+’s unmatched safety and playability make it the perfect court for championship competitions around the world and for your backyard athletes at home. Specially engineered to optimize shock absorption, reduced risk of impact injury and to provide the best combination of abrasion protection and dry traction. The patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness™ reduce joint strain and fatigue to help your family safely play hour after hour. PowerGame+ and our additional sport court outdoor surfaces provide a safe and reliable playing environment for athletes, offering exceptional traction, durability, and weather resistance to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injuries.

Sport Game PB™

The ideal surface for pickleball players of all abilities. SportGame PB™ retrofits over most hard surfaces and outlasts conventional acrylic courts. SportGame PB™ is Sport Court’s revolutionary new surface that has been engineered specifically for the game of Pickleball. This brand new and cutting-edge surface allows for optimal play, with the same ball response as hard acrylic, but integrates our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ providing the added benefit of reduced joint stress and fatigue.


At Sport Court South Florida, we provide a multitude of services and products, from custom basketball court flooring to resurfacing your tennis court.

PowerGame is the safest outdoor basketball court surface in the world. PowerGame features a custom engineered design that outplays any modular surface in the game. It offers the best traction in the industry while also delivering the same dribbling response as a hardwood floor. In terms of protection, PowerGame has superior technology that absorbs shocks, lessens impacts, and provides the best protection against abrasion when compared to any other surface in the industry.

Sport Base™

SportBase™ is a high-performance concrete replacement for your Game Court or outdoor court surface. SportBase is made from 100% recycled material and was specifically engineered for use under a Game Court system. It’s what’s underneath your sport court outdoor surfaces that counts.