PK Pro 2 Precision Sniper's Net


Precision shooting is a key factor in scoring goals. The PK-Pro II Precision Snipers Net was designed to increase the player's goal-scoring abilities during shooting drills and penalty kicks. It simulates realistic goal-scoring areas by covering most of the goal area and only leaving the main scoring zones of the goal. These scoring zones highlight where goalkeepers can't reach the ball during a penalty kick or a long shot. The PK-Pro II Precision Snipers Net is the best way for players to learn how to strike the ball into top percentage scoring zones. The heavy-duty nylon banding and mesh netting are both incredibly durable and adept at handling off-target shots. The cutting edge PK-Pro II Precision Snipers Net materials prevent shape loss and billowing during windy conditions, ensuring that the reliable soccer goal target net retains its shape for an effective training session. Practice yourself or in the backyard, your shooting and accuracy without the need of a goalie, simply attach velcro straps to a standard 8 x 24 goalposts, and in minutes start developing your deadly goal-scoring technique with this essential training equipment. Use for advanced shooting and freekick drills, training without a goalkeeper, and for fun games as a shooting target with the cutouts in all four corners.

  • SIZE: Fits 8'x24' Soccer Goals
  • USE: Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Target Shooting or when no GK is available.
  • DURABLE: Vibrant 600D Neon Green Nylon Banding, High Quality Mesh Netting, Commerical Grade Velcro Straps
  • DESIGN: No gimmich, realistic goal scoring areas to teach proper aiming and scoring zones.
  • SET-UP: Fast set-up with quick attach commercial grade velcro straps.

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 12 in


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