Tips For Replacing The Gymnasium In Your High School

1 years ago

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What’s a school gym without its floor? Nothing! When the school’s gym floor needs to be re-modeled all sports activities are forced to stop (unless outdoor courts are available). The faster the new floor is installed, the quicker all sports activities can resume.

Outdoor Volleyball Court

Here are some tips on avoiding roadblocks during gym floor replacements:

1) Be realistic about how long it will take

Remodeling of anything gets frustrating when you have unrealistic time expectations. A 10,000-sq. ft. gym could take up to 6 weeks to remodel but you need to consider the time it takes to tear down and clear the old floor too. Also, keep in mind the conditions of the gym itself – they may not be ideal for a new floor, additional repairs may be needed.

2) Be sure that all contractors are coordinated

If you’re working with more than one contractor for your gym remodeling (lighting, wall-padding, setting up hoop, etc), you need to ensure that all parties are coordinating with each other.

3) The colors on the court matter

The markings on the gym floor aren’t to be taken lightly. Instead of guessing what colors the game lines need to be, pick out Pantone colors when deciding what color to paint the floor.

4) The air conditioning affects the installation

Gyms are kept at a certain temperature to make sure people don’t get too warm but also for the sake of the floor. The environment in the gym needs to have the right temperature and humidity levels for installation or else the process can take longer.

5) Controlling foot traffic

People shouldn’t be walking around during floor installations for safety reasons but also because it interferes with the process, especially during the final days when sealing, game-lining and finishing are happening.

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