School Gymnasium Floor Replacement – What to Do

1 years ago

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The job of an athletic director at any local school in Miami mostly consists of managing sports programs and events happening throughout the year. They are required to manage sports budgets, getting everything done within the amount approved.

However, you will have to step up your game if a major school gymnasium floor replacement comes your way. Don’t swim in the confusion of gymnasium floor remodeling:

Selecting Between Available Subfloor Systems

At some point of the floor planning stage, you will have to think about which basic floor system type will suit your facility the most. There are three types of subfloors:

Anchored Resilient Floors – Are attached mechanically to the concrete slab underneath. However, the flooring system still allows natural expansion and contraction.

Floating Floors – This flooring system doesn’t use any fasteners i.e. substrate isn’t connected to the surface floor.

Portable Flooring System – This floor system can be termed as a type of floating floor. However it’s specially designed to be removed and replaced in stadiums, convention centers, and arenas.  

Selecting Between Different Hardwood Grades

Are you thinking maple hardwood floors will be a good investment for this project? You will be asked to choose between the different hardwood grades for flooring used in your sports court.

Remember this is purely an aesthetical choice and won’t affect performance. The MFMA lists the following grade choices:

First Grade

This is the highest MFMA grade, where boards are selected by hand to decrease natural character variations by as much as possible. Firstgrade maple hardwood flooring is also the most monochromatic.

Second Grade

This grade of hardwood flooring is more often used in project specifications. Additionally, second grade offers slightly more variety than first grade flooring.

Third Grade

This option features a significant color contrast (almost of bleached wood) and is slightly less expensive as a result. However, the same structural integrity and durability is offered as with the other grades.

Important Considerations to Keep In Mind

Expect the project to take about six weeks for a 10,000 square foot gymnasium as far as actual installation is concerned. Of course this doesn’t include tear out and removal of existing floor and substrate so advance preparation of the gym is important.   

Time of year chosen for the new gym floor replacement is another aspect to consider as this will determine how quickly the project finishes.

Safety concerns for students and staff are also important to consider especially during renovations. Reschedule all events—sports or otherwise—taking place at the gym.

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