Prevent Sports Injuries With Quality Sports Flooring

1 years ago

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One can’t deny the fact that basketball is an incredibly tough sport.

Players are likely to suffer from a number of chronic injuries, including stress fractures, Achilles heel, blisters and more.

One of factors contributing to injuries is the quality of a basketball court.

Safety should be a predominant concern for designing a basketball court. The court quality affects the quality of the game. It has a direct impact on the playing conditions as well as the performance of a player.  

Moreover, it can significantly minimize the likelihood of injury.

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, different court surfaces can have an impact on player injuries. Indoor wood basketball courts, for example, are considered the safest surfaces to play on.

Here are essential factors to consider for building a high performance, safe basketball court surface:


Weather influences the appearance and quality of a sport court. If you want an outdoor basketball court in your backyard, it should be able to survive in all kinds of weather conditions.

Changing weather seasons can lead to cracks and chips in the surface. It’s therefore imperative that you invest in an all-weather surface that will look good all year-round.


A superior quality surface offers adequate shock absorption. This will help prevent joint injuries in the long term.

Basketball courts must have an advanced shock absorption technology due to the intense, physically demanding nature of the game. Players have to constantly run and jump until the end. Having a shock absorption court helps them play longer, without extra pressure on their joints. A minimum of 10 percent shock absorption is recommended for non-professional basketball courts.


In order to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, a sport court must offer adequate traction. As a result, players can easily run around on the court without falling, slipping and injuring themselves.


Last but not least, make sure you choose the right space for a sport court.  In order to minimize distractions during game, select a space away from traffic. Distractions can lead to injuries. Also, select a high quality subflooring underlayment to reduce the level of noise.

For building safe, durable, comfortable basketball courts, get in touch with Sport Court South Florida. We use advanced technology and tools for creating safe indoor and outdoor flooring products.

PowerGame, for example, is an outdoor basketball court surface that offers adequate traction, shock absorption and minimizes impacts simultaneously.