Basketball Court Maintenance: How to Keep It in Top Condition

1 years ago

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Regular maintenance of a basketball court is essential for preserving its appearance, quality and life. A worn-out court—whether it’s installed indoor or outdoor—can pose potential safety risks and is not suitable for playing conditions.

Here are some effective tips for taking care of your basketball court:


First off, inspect the court regularly to identify potential defects ahead of time. Do you see any cracks or loose screws? Pay attention to the color of the court, especially the edges.


As a rule, sweep the court daily to remove dust, dirt, sand, leaves and debris.

For the removal of food and drink stains from the court, use a damp mop with an appropriate cleaner. If someone spills a drink on the court, wipe it immediately so that it doesn’t leave behind a stain.

Avoid using an abrasive cleaner because it can damage the surface of the court. Also, leave the damp mop to dry before using it again. Once the mop dries up, remove small particles of dirt from it.

Along with everyday cleaning, you should also invest in professional cleaning every year. A professional cleaning company uses quality products and techniques to clean as well as preserve the color, logo and graphics of basketball courts.


Basketball courts need to be resurfaced every 5 years to repair cracks and defects. Excessive use of the court or the placement of heavy items can cause cracks on its surface.

In order to prevent damage to your court, make sure everyone wears appropriate shoes. Prohibit food, drinks on the court as well as usage of bikes and skateboards.

If you notice deep cracks on your court, you will need professional court resurfacing to repair cracks and faded court color.

Consult a professional basketball court design and installation company for advice on how to maintain your court. Depending on the type of surface you have, they will tell you exactly to do.

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